My First Entry

Wow, etsy and a blog all in the same week – what a husband!!


About Sumak Designs

I am originally from Michigan and currently live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is directly north of North Dakota. We have very cold and long Winters which lends itself to plenty of time to be creative. I started making beaded jewellery as a child and then progressed into Silversmithing throughout my school years. I am still in love with creating unusual jewellery for everyone. I like to work with PMC and incorporate my other jewelry skills such as soldering, fusing, stone setting, riveting and beading techniques into my final pieces. I sometimes work with found or antique objects to give the piece another type of look. I love collecting beads from the past and bringing them forward in my work. I have taken some great specialized technique workshops with some amazing people in the artisan world. Kate Mckinnon and Wendy Shingler are two women that gave me great inspiration. They taught me new and interesting techniques that I have incorporated into my work. I am forever taking from my experiences with these creative and thoughtful people. I have a website, where you can reference some of my work. I hope to use this Esty site to showcase my current and future pieces as I create them. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. View all posts by Sumak Designs

2 responses to “My First Entry

  • Bea

    Hey Susan…well your an official member of the electronic age now girl. Your own website, etsy store, blog, and your very own computer tech…lol, what more could you ask for. BUT Wait, a jewellery maker, goldsmith and metal clayist, with your very own hoard of groupies just panting for your next creations. And to think the very first time I saw you, you where sawing away on a piece of copper with the blade upside down….Congrats Lady

    • Sumak Designs

      Hey Bea,
      We have been working steadily on the website, hoping to get it more polished. Paul put together a new website for himself, also. A work in I have been in touch with bloggers and watching how they communicate with the world about what they are doing and their creations. It has been a fun research project.
      How are things with you? great weather!!
      You probably have heard I didn’t get into Folk Fest this year. A tough break, but I am re-directing my energy to other projects. There is always something else out there. Been getting steady commissions and that helps. Too bad silver is so expensive. I am struggling with those costs!!!!
      Stay tuned, I appreciate your imput.
      All the best

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